4 Benefits of active lifestyle.


Attending weekly yoga classes, going on your morning walks and working out after a long day at work are all great ways to improve your physical health. But what most people don’t realize is that having an active lifestyle improves your mental and emotional health as well. 



Norepinephrine is released when working out. It’s a naturally occurring chemical that regulates the way your brain reacts to stress. With at home work-outs or morning walks, you will reduce the stress that is caused in your everyday life. Your mental health and mood improves with your active lifestyle!

Try my favorite HIIT workout to really sweat it out and start your day off right!

Do these moves in order for the indicated number of reps, with minimal rest in between. Rest 1 to 2 minutes then repeat the circuit 1 to 2 more times. 



Your emotional health is also improved when maintaining a consistent workout routine. Have you noticed that you leave the gym feeling more positive and confident? Everytime you exercise your body releases endorphins, another naturally produced stress fighting chemical. Working out creates a sense of happiness in your life. It leads to having a better day at work and at home! And bonus - Look good, feel good. For us women especially, we can be extra hard on ourselves. Working out not only helps you feel better, but adding more muscle will help you feel stronger both physically and mentally. Feeling good and looking good can give you an extra boost of confidence you just might need, especially on those days that you need it the most. 



Do you struggle with anxiety? Scientists have found that aerobic exercises can decrease overall levels of tension, elevate mood, and improve sleep. Incorporating more aerobics or cardio into your routine could be the solution for you! Add in a yoga session, some swimming, or cycling to your weekly routine.

My favorite workout to get my blood pumpin’ as well as my stress lifted is hot yoga. I get asked all the time which style of yoga I like the most and my personal favs are Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Bikram. These styles give me a perfect balance of zen and zest.



Do you ever feel fatigued so you grab a coffee or energy drink? Well, adding more activity to your day will actually result in more energy! So next time you’re feeling sluggish, throw your shoes on and head for a walk. If you make it a habit to be active everyday then your overall energy levels will increase. 

Choose an active lifestyle and you will wake up everyday wanting more in life. And when you’re going through a workout rut or boredom burnout, switching up your workout style, atmosphere or activity, can be just what you need to keep the fire burning…and, you just might find a whole new passion in the process.