4 Outdoor activities to stay fit.

Does your fitness routine feel boring and repetitive?

Or like a chore, instead of a release from work or stress?

A change in your routine can bring back your fire!


Summer has arrived, which means more outdoor workouts and activities. Let’s take your workouts outdoors and soak up some vitamin D!


After a long day at work, throw on your sneakers and head outside.

You’ll get your sweat on, enjoy some scenery, and get those endorphins flowing.

Don’t limit yourself to the same workouts everyday at the gym.

Destress and sweat it all out.


One of my favorite ways to get a quick workout in is by doing HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training. You’ll feel the burn real quick and burn tons of calories in just a small window of time. For extra burn and muscle building, use your booty bands to work your glutes while burning fat!



Cycling is beneficial for your coordination and muscular endurance. Now is the perfect time to take your bike out and enjoy the view! You can even grab a friend for some company and motivation. 



I love yoga and use it as a full body workout. Yoga is incredible for flexibility, muscle endurance and overall physical health. Take your yoga mat outdoors and breathe in the fresh air. 




Activity  Time/Reps
Warm Up: Walk 5-10 Minutes
Walking Lunge 15 per Leg
Jog 3 Minutes
Air Squat 2 Minutes
Fast Walk 3 Minutes
Walking Lunge with Kickback 2 Minutes
Uphill Walk 3 Minutes
Bench/Stair Step-Up* 15 per Leg
Bench/Stair Jumps 10-20 Reps
Bench/Stair Step-Up with Kickback 15 per Leg
Bench/Stair Jump with Double Pulse 10-20 Reps
Spring x3+  20-30 Seconds (2 min. rest in between)
Cool Down: Walk 5 minutes


*This is one of our favorite outdoor workouts. You can do it on a hiking or walking trail, or around your neighborhood. If you’re out of town, take a jog around the area to get the lay of the land, and note any hills, steps and benches you see. 

This workout should take you about 45- 55 minutes, but you can extend it by adding extra sets of walking lunges, step ups, squats, or whatever your favorite move is that day. This is a great way to learn to train intuitively as well: If you feel like doing 4 sprints instead of three, go for it! If you want to make your step-ups quick and explosive, then great! Just set your timer for the total workout duration  and let loose!


Get outdoors and try these out!

Be a Queen everyday!