Sculpt your arms for summer.

I know ladies, we want that round Booty and tight waist! But don’t forget about those arms! Having toned, strong arms in a tank or a dress will give you so much confidence! 

Many women focus on lower body because they don’t want to get “bulky”. But I promise, these workouts won’t make you bulky and they’ll give you nice sculpted arms to show off all summer!

These are some of my favorite upper body workouts, all done on the cable machine! You can get a full workout in the cable machine, so grab one when it’s available and set up camp. 



If you’ve never trained shoulders before, I highly recommend starting with light weight. You’ll definitely feel sore from these! But having sculpted shoulders is such a good look ladies! 

Keep a strong core and stationary stance. Have your elbows slightly bent and focus on your shoulders to bring the weight up. 



Curls for the girls, am I right?! But for real, bicep curls will help you keep your arms toned and build strength! 

For the bicep curls -  keep your elbows close to your side and core tight, don’t swing your upper body. 



The tricep pushdown is a great upper body workout to isolate your triceps, often times the most neglected part. Tricep isolation helps sculpt your overall arm, but especially that back part that most ladies aren’t super fond of! Remember, you need balance–so work your overall arms, not just one muscle. 



For overhead tricep extensions, step forward from the cable machine to allow more range of motion. Keep your forearms in the same position and use your elbows as a hinge for the motion. When you extend, you’ll feel the burn in your triceps for sure! Keep these slow and controlled, form is so important!



I love this workout because it not only focuses on your chest, but improves your overall upper body strength! 

Don’t be scared to do some chest exercises ladies! It’s good for overall posture. 

Always remember to keep your core engaged! It’s important to perfect your form first, then you can increase the weight. 



This exercise is going to give you that final pump! 

Keep a slight bend in your elbows to protect your joints and focus on using your shoulders for the “pull” motion. Rear Delts are forgotten so often!!! But they definitely need some love too for that overall sculpted upper body.


You can try these exercises as a full workout, supersets or circuits! Just remember to keep your form and to start with lower weight if these are new to you. You’ll definitely feel the burn and start building beautiful sculpted arms to show off in cute tanks all summer!